Our wide range of outbound professional Tele-sales services is designed for all target market from B2C to B2B.

We have been providing lead generation services for businesses of all sizes, ranging from small businesses to the largest Fortune 500 companies, covering a wide variety of industries.Whether your business objective is to increase sales, streamline operational efficiency, customer loyalty or reduce your costs, you can rely on NuGlobe expertise to guide your business to success. In achieving a tangible result, we at NuGlobe has applied state of the art of outbound technology and provided knowledgeable and skillful agents.

A number of lead generation companies offer call center services and inside sales outsourcing but when it comes to outbound appointment setting and finding the best telemarketing leads, partner with NuGlobe. All in all, when you work with NuGlobe Revenue Generation Services, you get quality assurance and enjoy the following benefits:

  • More sales volume
  • Reliable intelligence about your prospects behavior and preferences
  • Reduced cost of sales
  • Raised awareness of your brand within your target market


Revenue Generation Services

We start you off with new customers daily. NuGlobe is a powerful force for sales. Attracting the attention of new prospects, and converting them into loyal customersare critical to any business development strategy. By combining professional call center with sophisticated sales skills, we ensure a positive customer experience while optimizing our client's revenue and increasing your customer base. At NuGlobe, our sales experience crosses borders, languages and cultures the world over. Whether your prospective clients are local or global, NuGlobe is the one to reach them and help you improve your revenues.

For sales organizations across all major industries that need to increase revenue, NuGlobe Solutions delivers revenue generation services - attracting and retaining premium customers in new market segments and then cultivating these relationships until they are producing at maximum revenue and profitability. NuGlobe's Revenue Generations services provide:

  • Lead Generation - telesales professionals generate, qualify, nurture, and transition leads to a client's salesforce while continually monitoring performance against pipeline targets.
  • Customer Acquisition - dedicated, consultative-selling professionals who help your business increase sales, improve profitability, and build stronger customer relationships at some of the best revenue to expense ratios in the call center industry.
  • Customer Retention - offerings include loyalty campaigns, churn reduction programs, account reviews, cross-sell and up-sell programs, and save desk services.
  • Service to Sales - leveraging the existing flow of naturally occurring inbound customer service and technical support contacts and introducing a revenue generation component.
  • Marketing Analytics - robust analytics services to develop customer profiles, segment customers, monitor customer transaction data, and leverage sales reports and website data to improve results.

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