NuGlobe Solutions believes service is our priority

Our knowledgeable, friendly call center agents understand that their responsibility does not end with solving the caller's issue. It also includes making a positive impression.

Our key objective is to help your company grow by providing professional inbound solutions that reduce your operating expenses while increasing your revenue through lead capture and an around the clock customer service presence.


Customer Care Services

NuGlobe Solutions,one of the leading in contact center customer relationship management, focuses on customer satisfaction every step of the way. Taking care of your customers is the core of our business.

NuGlobe Solutions believes in keeping your customers happy

It costs much more to try to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. That's why building long-lasting customer relationships is a priority for successful companies. However, customer care investments join many other items on organizations' budgets. The dilemma becomes how to assure high-quality customer care while covering the rest of the operating, marketing and planning expenses, and still coming out with a consistently healthy bottom line.

Our trade at NuGlobe Solutions is to be an extension of your business-your ambassador to your customers. We provide best-of-class customer care service for the most efficient and effective fit.

NuGlobe Solutions offers Customer Care services products that matter most to our clients and their customers, including complete customer care, technical support, revenue generation, account management, and customer notifications. The NuGlobe Customer Care services are:

  • Customer Care - we offer premium customer care services with highly-trained associates that are thoroughly versed in our client's product sets, support processes, and corporate culture.
  • Online Customer Support - an integrated set of voice, chat, e-mail, and ecommerce response services that enable your business to deliver just-in-time, personalized, online interactive assistance.
  • Social CRM - a method for servicing customers directly through social networks, and leveraging customer-driven knowledge for better first contact resolution across multiple voice, web, and chat support channels.
  • New Products (Service Sales with cross-sell/up-sell options)

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