Realize the Potential of a Unified Contact Center

A unified contact center solution is at the core of a company's unified communications strategy. NuGlobe Unified can help your business improve contact center productivity, create opportunities for value-added customer experiences and decrease the time to bring new capabilities to market for a clear-cut competitive advantage.

The unified capabilities of NuGlobe Unified provide the routing, report-ing,and administration flexibility that contact centers require to be competitive. NuGlobe Unified delivers a wide range of capabilities to empower agents and speed response time which ultimately increases productivity while reducing costs, maximize opportunities, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Nuglobe Unified Allows contact centers to create browser based real-time displays to obtain consolidated reports from a single desktop.

Comprehensive Contact Center Capabilities

NuGlobe Unified delivers the performance, flexibility, high reliability and scalability that contact centers need. Whether your contact center has tens or thousands of agents, NuGlobe Unified is ready to scale capabiities based on your contact center requirements and goals.





Unified Administration

Manage inbound, e-mail, workflow interactions from one administration interface

Unified Routing

Apply unified routing strategies across ACD, predictive dialer and Voice Portal to deliver a consistent customer experience across interaction channels

Unified Reporting

Deliver a commprehensive view of your contact center performance by eliminating the need to integrate reporting data

Automatic Call Distribution

Intelligently route contacts to avaible agents based on the customer profile, service level goals and agent availability

Predictive Dialing

Leverage the capabilities needed to make your outbound collections, sales, or telemarketing strategies successful:
  • Multiple dialing options - predictive, precision, progressive, preview, and manual
  • Industry-leading answering machine detection with up to 90% accuracy including compliance controls and reporting
  • Outbound speech-enabled voice portal for automated contact collections agents, emergency messaging and proactive customer service.


Workflow Management

Automate your back office task and deliver more efficiency to your help desk and customer service business processes with service level management

Contact Recording and Quality Management

Whether for quality control or compliance purposes, NuGlobe Unified provides you with the tools needed to monitor, recordm score and analayze the performance of your contact center
  • On-Demand Recording enables agents, supervisors, and quality personnel to initiate voice recordings whenever needed
  • Automated Recording allows managers to automate the process for recording voice interactions
  • Supervisor Monitoring allows supervisors and quality control personnel to silently monitor the interaction
  • Agent Perfomance Scoring provides evaluation forms that can be used to rate the perfomance of the agent